The Gorge Amphitheatre

The Gorge Amphitheatre is a world-renowned outdoor music venue that has attracted over 7 million fans and the most celebrated artists. LanDee Design was honored to help reimagine The Gorge Amphitheatre’s brand identity and craft an immersive experience based on their history and future. All elements, from the brand visuals, messaging, buildings and signs received a thorough and thoughtful update, elevating the current experience to match its iconic status. Because when you’ve hosted legends, you’re a legend yourself.

ClientLIve NationServicesBranding & Logo Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Naming, Vision & Strategy

The Middle Of Nowhere. The Center Of Everything.

The challenge was to move the brand forward in a way that felt like an extension of its legacy. The new visual system is a kit of parts inspired by the spiritual-esque pilgrimage of traveling to ‘the middle of nowhere’ to see your favorite artists sing their hearts out under the stars with breathtaking views. The primary logo’s custom drawn illustration depicts dramatic canyon views and a ribbon of blue water stretching to the horizon. The badge shape represents a guitar pic as a subtle nod to to the amazing sound.

Experiential Enhancements

Fans are greeted with a new branded monument sign that provides a sense of arrival. Inside, a mix of on brand marks, colors, and materials were chosen to feel natural in the outdoor environment. Detailed guidance brought the branding to life throughout wayfinding markers that guide concertgoers and campers with ease. The creation of an overarching system for building materials and aesthetic updates provided a cohesive look across the venue infrastructure.

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