Hey there!

Driven by the idea that we’re all made better when we’re together, my draw to experiential design was born from the joy of shared experiences.

With degrees in graphic design and arts management, I’ve been fortunate to play an integral role in designing experiences across various industries, including recreational resorts, retail facilities, festivals, and more. Prior to founding LanDee Design Co, I held the position of Art Director of Experiential Design at POWDR, where I worked among brilliant minds and served Subaru, Under Armor, Fjällräven, Hot Wheels, Yeti, Coca-Cola, and 10 Barrel Brewing, among other corporate partners.

I was drawn to founding LanDee Design because I find delight in the people behind the brands and I wanted to intimately connect with as many of you as possible.

Welcome to collaboration and design that works for you and with you,

Creative Collaborators

Every project has its own unique needs. We bring the right brains to the table, ensuring a job well done. We’re proud to offer an exceptional team of designers, web developers, copywriters, and illustrators.