Seventy-One at Snowbird

Seventy-One is the newest dining experience located in the base of the Cliff Lodge at Snowbird, Utah’s iconic ski resort. The restaurant is a throwback to Snowbird’s early roots when they began in 1971.

The goal was to create a dining experience unique to the ski area while honoring its beginnings. I worked on the experiential team to concept the space and drive the theme. We pitched several ideas before ultimately landing on the ‘70s theme. Inspiration was pulled from Snowbirds expansive archive and the iconic styles of that era, and then we modernized it. We worked closely with GSBS Architects to create a completely unique brand experience. The result is a shout out to the golden age of ski resorts that feels right at home at Snowbird.

Visitors to Seventy-One’s lobby are greeted at the hostess stand by a retro entertainment center and green shag rug. Inside, the main dining area utilizes colorful tiles, retro seating, vinyl booths, and light fixtures in the blue and green snowbird palette accented with orange and yellow. I designed custom wallpaper that’s used throughout the main dining space, that features a pattern of the Snowbird resort logo. For a more upscale experience you can visit the swanky bar/dining area that features brass light fixtures, and a gorgeous brass tile cladded bar front.

ClientSnowbirdServicesConcept Development, Design Direction, Wall Paper DesignArchitectGSBS ArchitectsPhotosKirsten Hepburn Photography

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